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From Data Mess
to Business Success

Experience the game-changing impact of Custom CDPs and Marketing Data Warehouses by consolidating vast amounts of data to enhance customer engagement and sharpen targeted marketing strategies.


Why Does a Business Need Custom CDPs & Marketing Data Warehouses?

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Holistic Customer Insight

CDPs integrate data from multiple sources, providing a comprehensive view of your customers, enhancing personalization, and improving customer experience.

Customer Engagement

Both CDPs and data warehouses support developers, product managers, and marketers in understanding customer engagement and powering customer experiences.

Stream of Custom Events

CDPs allow businesses to send a stream of custom events performed by users, facilitating tailored marketing strategies.

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Informed Decision Making

Data Warehousing collects, organizes, and manages large volumes of data, enabling businesses to make data-driven strategic decisions.

Centralized Data for Analytics and Campaigns

A CDP system ingests, consolidates, and normalizes customer data from multiple online and offline sources, centralizing it for analytics, campaigns, and other marketing initiatives.

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Scalability & Performance

Both CDPs and Data Warehouses are designed to handle large volumes of data, ensuring your business can scale while maintaining high performance.

How Does It Work?


Data Collection

(from various sources)


Data Integration

(in CDP for a unified customer view)

Data Analysis (extracting insights)

Data Storage (in Data Warehouse)

Action Implementation (based on insights)

It Gets More Powerful With These

Your new secret weapon: Dashboarding. It takes all that customer data and serves it up as clear, concise visuals. Perfect for marketers and business managers who want to make more informed, strategic decisions.

Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy. Our CDP and warehouses connect effortlessly with numerous third-party tools. Enhance your marketing plans and manage all actions from one place.


Why Us?

We combine cutting-edge technology, including advanced AI tools, with deep industry expertise to deliver superior CDP and Data Warehousing solutions. Our commitment to your success sets us apart—we don't just provide services, we partner with you on your data journey.

Our Expertise

We purposefully collect, track, unify and analyze your data to gain insights of what you can do better and help you find new opportunities to increase business revenues and ROI.

Our Team Profile

The Persuasion team, with a combined 2-decade experience, consist of Data Scientists, Web Analysts, Programmers, Designers, and Digital Marketing Analysts, will take time to understand your business to help you optimize your marketing projects.

Our Solution

We make it our business to answer your business questions with data to help you increase revenues and optimize your efforts.

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Revolutionizing Retail

How ABC Company Leveraged CDP and Data Warehousing for Unprecedented Growth.


Deliverables are on point. The Project Manager takes time to understand our requirements.
- Jess, Wing Tai Group -

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