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Why Do You Need Customer Data Analytics?

Data Analysis

Leveraging advanced algorithms and AI models to decipher patterns and trends from the collected data.

Crafting comprehensive customer personas reflecting diverse customer segments.

Dynamic Customer Persona Creation

Utilizing these personas to inform strategic decisions across marketing, product development, and customer service.

Persona-Driven Strategic Planning
Data Aggregation

Collection of multi-channel data points, including online behavior, social media activity, and purchase histories.

Efficient Marketing Spend

By understanding who your customers really are, you can target your marketing efforts more efficiently, ensuring that every dollar spent has a higher chance of generating a return. No more shooting in the dark; use data to make informed decisions.

Improved Customer Retention

When you know your customers intimately, you can create personalized experiences that build loyalty and increase retention. It's more cost-effective to retain existing customers than acquire new ones, and Customer Data Analytics is key to achieving this.

Enhanced Sales Efficiency

Sales teams armed with detailed customer personas can tailor their sales pitches and approach to match the motivations and needs of each type of customer. This can significantly improve conversion rates and overall sales performance.

Competitive Advantage

In a crowded market, understanding your customer can be your secret weapon. By knowing more about your customers than your competitors do, you can create unique offerings, deliver superior service, and ultimately win more business.

Future-Proofing Your Business

Markets change, trends come and go, but a deep understanding of your customers allows you to adapt and evolve effectively. With Customer Data Analytics, you're not just surviving; you're thriving in a changing business landscape.

Superior Product Development

With a deep understanding of your customers' motivations and behaviors, you can develop products that truly resonate with their needs and desires. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also boosts the likelihood of product success.

How Does It Work?

Sample Customer Segment
Sample Customer Segment
Strategy -  A
Strategy -  B
Strategy -  C
Strategy A
Strategy B
Strategy C
Strategies - Sample Customer Segment
Sample Customer Segment

From Insight to Foresight:
Shaping Your Strategy with Clarity

With these customer persona segments, get a detailed snapshot of your diverse customer base. Leverage this understanding to devise marketing strategies that truly connect.

Discover the Power

Discover the Power of Customer Data Analytics

Deliverables are on point. The Project Manager takes time to understand our requirements.

- Jess, Wing Tai Group -

Persuasion gives us good suggestions to improve our website and have boosted our sales compared to when we were previously managing it without them.

- Jing Wen, The Wine Shop -

We developed customer data warehouse in google Big Query for senior management and marketing which integrated customer loyalty data from a cloud point of sales system, Google Analytics 4 for mobile for customer event tracking.

- ZUS Coffee, Customer Analytics and Data Warehouse -

The team at Persuasion Technologies has been very helpful in supporting us in achieving our marketing goals. They managed to garner ROI of 8.5:1 for us from Sep to Nov 2020 even when it was CMCO. We are very pleased with the outcome.

- Samantha, Stellar Putrajaya Hotel -

PT is an extremely technologically competent company with people that have deep digital marketing know-how. For newbies, PT folks are patient and gentle. But if you're an experienced digital marketer - PT can run with you.

- Chee Yan, Digital XFM -

The team has been resourceful and always staying up-to-date on digital marketing. They also put in a huge effort on A/B testing to optimize campaign results!

- Stacey, Uniqlo -

Persuasion Team have been providing great assistance, recommendations and solutions for us. Also, they are savvy and fun to discuss with!

- Aida, TOC -

Very nice to work together with the team for the last 5 years.

- Ziee Yen, THE FACE SHOP -


Wing Tai Asia
Wine Shop
ZUS Coffee
Stellar Putrajaya Hotel
The Face Shop
TOC Automotive College

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Welcome to the next level of data analytics. Go beyond mere numbers and statistics to truly understand your customers' motivations, behaviors, and preferences.

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Our Expertise

We purposefully collect, track, unify and analyze your data to gain insights of what you can do better and help you find new opportunities to increase business revenues and ROI.

Our Team Profile

The Persuasion team, with a combined 2-decade experience, consist of Data Scientists, Web Analysts, Programmers, Designers, and Digital Marketing Analysts, will take time to understand your business to help you optimize your marketing projects.

Our Solution

We make it our business to answer your business questions with data to help you increase revenues and optimize your efforts.

Why Us?

Imagine having a team that doesn't just analyze data but breathes life into it. That's us.

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