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We build dashboards, extract insights with
large volumes of data
across 100 data sources.

Let us help build custom dashboards and connect to your platform including Facebook, Shopify or API of choice quickly and safely to your needs.

*FREE consultation session

Do you need help extracting or moving data across platforms
like ecommmerce, 3rd party data services to your own company systems for reporting or transactional updates?

We connect to multiple API data sources, organize and analyse data easily and securely for you

HOW Does This Data Integration Process Happens?

Infrastructure set-up including cloud and on-prem scenarios

Build and maintain custom connectors for IT departments, ecommerce, Startup teams

Security considerations with IT

Perform Testing

Maintenance of connectors

Set up reporting dashboards

We have build connectors for large retail companies and are now

over 500 Million Transactions annually.

API Platforms


Clean your data extracted from data sources with transformations features which includes filters, transformation, enrichment features including geolocation, json flattening and special character removals.

Save your data into different data targets - google sheets/big query/ csv/excel

Once you have created a query, you can automate the data download just by scheduling your query to run on specific time frames for eg weekly, monthly

Enrich your data analysis with geo analysis that will help you to notice patterns & relationships between store locations and your customers

How Does This Data Integration Process Happens?

1. Choose your data sources

from the ETL Tool (Facebook, Google Analytics, Salesforce…)

2.Set Up data source

A Google Cloud and Big Query Account. It only takes 15 minutes tops.

3. Select a destination

for your data collection. Chose among Big Query tables, google spreadsheets to csv files in a cloud storage bucket.


How Does This Data Integration Process Happens?

1.Choose Your Data Sources from the ETL Tool (Facebook, Google Analytics, Salesforce…)

2. Use Datalaksa to setup your sync. It only takes 15 minutes tops.

3. Send to destination from your data collection. Chose among Big Query tables, google spreadsheets to csv files in a cloud storage bucket. 


Extract data and create data models for analysis with no coding ability

Companies do not have to hire person with coding ability, data scientist, project manager to setup data integration from start to end as we is able to save time and manpower cost as it has experience


Drive more sales

With quicker access to data, companies can better target marketing efforts and identify opportunities to cross-sell and upsell customers on products, resulting in increased sales. Increase the average value per transaction and maximise revenue generated


Quickly measure the results of your marketing efforts

Understand how successful your FB ads by seeing what happens as a direct result. You can view information such as your conversions and leads respond to experiments that you conduct


Hassle-free report generation

Google Dashboard Studio generates detailed reports while you concentrate on enhancing your performance. Datalaksa Data Integration solutions can help you target metrics where you can compare your planned metrics and actual metrics for a better understanding of your business

Why Choose Datalaksa

We are Google Certified Analytics for Retailers and have 10 years of prior experience in delivering marketing insights for our clients.


We are familiar with the pain points that retailers face & have successfully helped them to solve pain points

*Find out how we can help your company to do data dashboarding and integration quickly and safely 


Deliverables are on point. The Project Manager takes time to understand our requirements.
- Jess, Wing Tai Group -

Customer Testimonials

Trusted by Our Previous Clients

Data Laksa merely integrates the data together from different platforms - Facebook & Shoppee for companies using connectors and companies can then take action after the data integration and dashboarding. Unify Data from the Platform you Already Use Using the Connectors 

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