We build and activate marketing and CRM Datalakes that transform your business.

Over 5 years of Customer Data Platform (CDP) implementation experience. We build, enrich marketing, loyalty data and insights with powerful AI tools quickly.

We transform marketing teams into high ROI machines.

We have built CDPs and analytics that power over 500 million Transactions a year.

Import Data with data connectors, APIs.

Collect customer data, analyze, drive more revenue.

Automated key data pipelines and  transformation processes 

Secure Google Cloud, AWS Infrastructure and Best Practices.

Select over 100 AI models or  have them custom built for you.

Define new campaign opportunities and revenue streams.

Learn how we have helped companies drive up ROI for marketing for over 500 companies ranging from multinational retailers in services and retail including the Multinational Brands in Cosmetics, Beauty, Social Media, Chain Stores, FMCG in South East Asia.



Services including beauty,

medical, and education


(Online and multichannel)


Google-Certified Analytics

For questions and inquiries, contact us via email at admin@datalaksa.com
Or reach us by phone at +6 03 27277420