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We build Custom CDPs and Marketing Data Warehouses Fast

Over 5 years of Customer Data Platform (CDP) implementation experience.

We build, enrich marketing, loyalty data and insights with powerful AI tools quickly.


We have built CDPs and analytics that power over 500 million transactions a year.

Deliverables are on point. The Project Manager takes time to understand our requirements.

- Jess, Wing Tai Group -

Persuasion gives us good suggestions to improve our website and have boosted our sales compared to when we were previously managing it without them.

- Jing Wen, The Wine Shop -

We developed customer data warehouse in google Big Query for senior management and marketing which integrated customer loyalty data from a cloud point of sales system, Google Analytics 4 for mobile for customer event tracking.

- ZUS Coffee, Customer Analytics and Data Warehouse -

The team at Persuasion Technologies has been very helpful in supporting us in achieving our marketing goals. They managed to garner ROI of 8.5:1 for us from Sep to Nov 2020 even when it was CMCO. We are very pleased with the outcome.

- Samantha, Stellar Putrajaya Hotel -

PT is an extremely technologically competent company with people that have deep digital marketing know-how. For newbies, PT folks are patient and gentle. But if you're an experienced digital marketer - PT can run with you.

- Chee Yan, Digital XFM -

The team has been resourceful and always staying up-to-date on digital marketing. They also put in a huge effort on A/B testing to optimize campaign results!

- Stacey, Uniqlo -

Persuasion Team have been providing great assistance, recommendations and solutions for us. Also, they are savvy and fun to discuss with!

- Aida, TOC -

Very nice to work together with the team for the last 5 years.

- Ziee Yen, THE FACE SHOP -

Customer Testimonials

Wing Tai Asia
Wine Shop
ZUS Coffee
Stellar Putrajaya Hotel
The Face Shop
TOC Automotive College

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Our Expertise

We purposefully collect, track, unify and analyze your data to gain insights of what you can do better and help you find new opportunities to increase business revenues and ROI.

Our Team Profile

The Persuasion team, with a combined 2-decade experience, consist of Data Scientists, Web Analysts, Programmers, Designers, and Digital Marketing Analysts, will take time to understand your business to help you optimize your marketing projects.

Our Solution

We make it our business to answer your business questions with data to help you increase revenues and optimize your efforts.

Why Us?

Imagine having a team that doesn't just analyze data but breathes life into it. That's us.

Data Warehousing

We help unify your Data from different Database Sources into one single warehouse that will enable you to have combined data insights.

Data Analytics

We help build data models for you to analyze your data and answer your business questions.

Data Dashboarding

We help visualize data insights into easy-to-read reports that allows you to extract segments for your marketing and promotional needs.

Marketing Automation

We build tools to automate part of your marketing process.

For questions and inquiries, contact us!


Import Data with data connectors, APIs.

Automated key data pipelines and transformation processes.

Collect customer data, analyze, drive more revenue.

Secure Google Cloud, AWS Infrastructure and Best Practices.

Select over 100 AI models or  have them custom built for you.

Define new campaign opportunities and revenue streams.



Services including beauty, medical, and education


(Online and multichannel)


Learn how we have helped companies drive up ROI for marketing for over 500 companies ranging from multinational retailers in services and retail including the Multinational Brands in Cosmetics, Beauty, Social Media, Chain Stores, FMCG.
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