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Let us help you find out how your customers and business are different

Learn how a multinational retailer increased 5x eCommerce revenues even when during the MCO!

pre-MCO vs the New Normal with deep data analysis.


Increase 5x
eCommerce revenues

Datalaksa is a big data analytics company

founded and led by experienced management consultants and cloud data engineers.


We work with over 25 multinational brands in Malaysia for their online and offline business analytics deploying the latest big data and cloud technologies from Google Cloud and Amazon AWS.


Find out how your customers, the market you are now, discover new markets with our thorough data analysis across your organisation.

Our analysis is focused on revenue generation opportunities and efficiency/ROI and having the capabilities to execute on automation and customer activation. 

Optimization and opportunity insights covering what has changed:

Do you still have your customer base? Will they still buy from you?

How has your market changed and where can you go next?

Discover which locations are your growth prospects, cash cows or fading stars.


Deliverables are on point. The Project Manager takes time to understand our requirements.
- Jess, Wing Tai Group -

Customer Testimonials

Trusted by Our Previous Clients

Data Laksa merely integrates the data together from different platforms - Facebook & Shoppee for companies using connectors and companies can then take action after the data integration and dashboarding. Unify Data from the Platform you Already Use Using the Connectors 

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